Tackle the digital and labor skills breach of adults over the age of 45 | Integrate adults actively into the European work digital environment

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At present, 46% of the EU population is over 45 years old (45+ Eurostat).  73% has achieved upper secondary education (ISCED 3-6) and 38% reached to compulsory secondary education (ISCED 0-2). 25% of EU adults have not achieved formal education beyond compulsory secondary education (Eurydice Report 2015). Even though this group represents almost half of the EU population they have lower employment rates than those with tertiary studies (62% compared to 78% of those with university studies). In addition employment levels fall down to only 38% for those over 55 years of age.

If this group brought with their skills the European Society up to the modernity we are leaving right now, how come such situation can exist?
There must have certainly many areas we need to work and foster to reverse this trend and get the most of all these citizens that still have much to offer to our society now and in the future.
These are the basis of our work in Mature 45+ project.