Our  objectives are much needed

Project aimed at adults over the age of 45 and their tutors. The objectives established by this project are the following:

1. Tackle the digital and labor skills breach of adults over the age of 45 through a dynamic virtual center with resources for the development of digital and work abilities.

2. Integrate adults actively into the European work digital environment through an APP for mobile devices from which adults can be connected, getting constant access to tutorials, job and training available offers or information of interested designed for their profile.

The basic pillars for the development of these objectives and the design of their products are dynamism, real time, interconnectivity and integration.
This work will be done in a period of two years and the products will be test at pilot mode with 20 tutors and 40 adults distributed among the 4 countries.

This virtual center and the fundamental APPs of this project are an initial step in the development of future integrative actions of members of this association.


What we are going to build to the community

Tangible outcomes

A virtual center for the development of digital and labor skills aimed at adults over the age of 45.
Digital tutorials for self-training (or for transferable skills training in case there are tutors) in current digital and occupational competencies of the European market.
APPs for mobile devices intended for interactivity between users and the virtual center (instant access to training information, job offers, job counselling and training tutorials).

Strategic outcomes

Develop a consistent audience of adults over the age of 45 by establishing capillarity with real-time contact, offering dynamic information and high quality continuous training.
Integrate tutors into the instant provision of relevant information and resources.